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PC Drap, computer coverage for the home

PC Drap provides residential computer services in the Paris area.

We’ll come to your home to configure hardware and software or train you to do it yourself.

If your PC is infected, your data isn’t backed up or your Internet connection is erratic, we’ll get your computer system to work the way you want.

PC Drap is a company that is “declared” to provide “assistance informatique et internet à domicile” (help with computers and the Internet at home) as a “service à la personne”. You can deduct 50% of the bill you receive this year from your French income taxes (payable next year).

For more information, give us a call!

09 50 25 52 47 (local call)
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PC Drap
Entreprise Individuelle Andrew ARONOFF
20 avenue de la Belle Gabrielle

“Services à la Personne” Registration Number: SAP493428528
SIRET: 493 428 528 00027

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deduction of 50% on your French income taxes